A Ditto, Ditto Library (2012-)

Xerography – every man’s brain picker – heralds the times of instant publishing. Anybody can now become both author and publisher. Take any books on any subject and custom-make your own book by simply xeroxing a chapter from this one, a chapter from that one – instant steal! As new technologies come into play, people are less and less convinced of the importance of self-expression. Teamwork succeeds private effort. /// Marshall McLuhan, The Medium is the Massage, Penguin, 1967, p123.

A Ditto, Ditto Library is an ongoing project, the content of which is assembled through an exchange between CATALOG, a relay where one contribution triggers the next. The library is informed by the context of its presentation.

It was first commissioned for the ‘Tate Together’ programme at Tate Britain, 9 June 2012, exploring sound and performance practice, and was staged again at Tate Tanks, 28 October 2012, as part of the Film Action programme, led by no.w.here lab with Anna Lucas.

At Tate, A Ditto, Ditto Library was a collaborative effort to create an experimental ‘booklet’ over the course of a day where ‘chapters’ were printed on the hour. Each participant created a page by drawing from the library of material. Excerpts from the final booklet can be viewed below.

In November 2012, CATALOG were invited by artist Melanie Clifford to be guest engineers on Resonance FM’s ‘Bermuda Triangle Test Transmission’. Within the hour-long programme, a number of records, bought at Wimbledon Greyhound Stadium boot fair for A Ditto Ditto Library, and previously unheard by the engineers, were listened to for the first time. The order of playing was determined by connections and coincidences between record titles and between cover sleeves. This followed by a period of experimental re-play of those same records.

CATALOG ADittoDittoLibrary June2012 by cata_log

IMAGES FROM TOP: A Ditto, Ditto Library, selected pages pdf /// A Ditto, Ditto, Library, details, Tate Britain and Tate Modern, 2012