IF I KNEW THEN WHAT I KNOW NOW was a silent publishing exercise produced in response to the “free and open invitation for anyone to propose a participatory activity questioning the idea of ‘School’ – ‘Free’ or otherwise”, and was staged at Five Years in October 2011 part of this is not a school, more information here.
The resulting booklet comprised six chapters produced from material exchanged between the six members of a group. Each participant, attending through an open-call, arrived at the session with content around a topic that they were especially interested in and/or had knowledge, and a nominated ‘chapter’ title. Participants exchanged material, and continued to construct and title a new ‘chapter’. The session took place in silence. The PDF booklet below is a compendium of the combined knowledge of the participants in the session at that moment in time. For maximum resolution, please select ‘full-screen’ option.

A year later, October 2012, the published material was given a live form. The ‘chapters’ were reassembled as performances; either by those who created the original chapters, or nominated guests that spoke on their behalf. This ‘postscript’ event was chaired by Amy Botfield.